Father & Son Tree Service
(248) 628-3035
728 South Lapeer Rd.
Oxford, MI  48371
We specialize in a variety of services including protecting, treating, and if necessary; removing trees and shrubs.

Tree & Shrub Trimming | Tree Removals | Deep Root Feeding | Storm Damage |
Land Clearing | Fertilizing | Cabling | Stump Grinding


Benefits of trimming your trees:
Promotes healthy and upward growth, provides more sunlight for your lawn and beds, helps prevent storm damage, and keeps your trees in good vigor to fight against insects and disease.

Benefits of deep root fertilization:
Trees and Shrubs that are well nourished are more resistant to insects and disease.  Keep your trees and shrubs healthy by having them deep root fertilized.  We use a technologically advanced fertilizer that is excellent for general maintenance.  If you have any questions regarding your trees or shrubs, please call us to have an expert come to your house for a free inspection.

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